Songs of Aerthwheel - Volume 1

Follow the link above to purchase an album of original music that I created while I produced the initial draft for "Children of Aerthwheel."

Think of this as a soundtrack for the book itself. The songs are instrumental, heavy, and generally epic. Please let me know if you have any problems downloading the songs.

Most importantly, to quote a wise rocker of years past: These go to eleven.

All music created by L. David Hesler
For several years, I collaborated and recorded music with two insanely talented artists - vocalist Mark Moffre and guitarist Bill Thomas - without ever meeting them in person. I first met Mark on a website called AcidPlanet, where I had posted several instrumental songs with little to no success in finding an audience. He saved my musical life.

I was about to call it quits and turn my back on music entirely when Mark sent me a random e-mail asking to collaborate on one of my instrumentals. We forged an awesome working relationship from the beginning. A few years after having worked with Mark, I was met with another random request for collaboration. This time, it was from Bill Thomas. He wanted to add extra guitars and vocals to a song I had posted. He blew me away - his lead guitar work and solos were exactly what my chubby fingers only ever aspired to create.

Soon after, we all joined forces and created the uniquely epic-sounding band DeepSkyTraveler. I wrote the basic song structure with rhythm guitar and drums, sent the song to them via e-mail, and they literally built onto the songs part by part. It was one of the most exhilarating collaborative processes I've ever experienced. The fact that we were able to make so much music together without ever meeting in person is a testament to the creative energy that fueled the band for so long.

Into The Blackwater -  May, 2010

Sacred Science of Souls - October, 2010

Born of Two Skies - August, 2012

Rhythm guitars, drums, and spoken word by L. David Hesler