About L. David Hesler

L. David Hesler is an author of horror, fantasy, and science fiction for children, teen, and adult readers. His most recent work (and debut children’s book) is, “Three Little Zombies,” a modern fairy tale about inclusion and the value of friendship.

In addition to publishing a YA horror/fantasy novel, Hesler has also published a book of short stories, a series of novellas, and an original stage play that was produced for live audiences in 2012. His short fiction has appeared in a handful of literary magazines, including “New Wine,” “The Ivy Review,” and “State of Imagination.”

Hesler is also producer and creator of the “Be Mega Podcast” and the horror fiction podcast, “Bad Notes.” He was songwriter and guitarist for the online hard rock band DeepSkyTraveler from 2006-2011.

Hesler lives in the Kansas City area with his beautiful wife, their endlessly charming infant son, a herd of unruly felines, and a dog who refuses to let anyone have any fun.