Bad Notes

In 1996, Midwestern heavy metal legend and alleged demon hunter Orin Moon went missing. Twenty years later, the fallout from his disappearance and its impact on his daughter Melody Moon are revealed in a series of recently discovered recordings. Brought to you by National Independent Radio - a subsidiary of the mysterious ORB Industries.

If you can believe all of that, then you can also believe that Bad Notes is a podcast of serial horror fiction by author L. David Hesler. Each episode features a mix tape musical guest. Catch up on the first 15 episodes of Season One before Season Two goes live in 2019!

The Be Mega Podcast

Lifelong friends and creative cohorts Adam and Luke join forces each episode to brainstorm an original Mega: a hero or villain imbued with extraordinary powers and rising from absurdly ordinary origins. In short, they are weirdos just like the rest of us. Join Adam and Luke at the Mega HQ as they spitball ideas, make each other laugh, and somehow manage to create a brand new Mega hero every episode. The world is normal enough … BE MEGA!